September 21, 2023 - Horticulture & Design Exhibits

Division II - Horticulture  

Section A. Perennials

Class 1. Crysanthemum

Class 2. Aster

Class 3. Camellia

Class 4. Other

Section B: Shrubs or Trees

Class 5. Nandina (Heavenly bamboo)

Class 6. Lantana

Section C. Container Grown Plants-

Grower’s Choice

Class 9. Home Grown

Class 10. Greenhouse Grown

Class 7. Buddlia (Butterfly bush)

Class 8. Other

JUDGES:  MaryAnne and Christy


Division II - Design - "Nesting in Bloom" -  Designer's choice using a bird's nest in the design. Background encouraged. Design type and plant material to be listed on a 3x5 card.  Remember Principles of Design.  Use NCG 2017 Handbook for Flower Shows.

JUDGES:  MaryAnne and Christy