E. B. Wood Community Park

In the 1830’s, the Fairfax Masonic Lodge constructed a brick building on Main Street in Culpeper.  It later housed an upscale restaurant, then a jewelry store, before being damaged by a 5.9 earthquake and having to be demolished on August 28, 2011. 

In 2016, Culpeper Renaissance, Inc. – the local Virginia Main Street program – took notice of the empty lot, and working with the lot owner, created an attractive park to replace the eyesore. The E.B. Wood Community Park opened Sept. 30, 2016, in memory of “Woody”, a respected and well-loved downtown Culpeper merchant.

In 2023, the Culpeper Garden Club approached Culpeper Renaissance with the offer to take responsibility for the maintenance of the planters in the pocket park. Over the years, the large planters had often been neglected and the park was not being utilized as much as was originally envisioned.  

In early Spring 2023, an energetic group from the Culpeper Garden Club gathered with their wheelbarrows, trowels, and clippers to clean out the planters, replenish the soil and plant the large pots with a selection of perennials and annuals they chose from area nurseries. 

This is a long term, club project with members committed to ensuring the park remains a welcoming and appealing environment year round for locals and visitors alike.  A permanent sign was recently installed at the garden’s entrance noting the club’s involvement and a QRcode that links to the club’s website.

Spring Planting Party