October 19, 2023  

The October program was a surprise "three-fer" by Rachel Ricci, owner of Blue House Blooms in Lignum, Virginia.  Ms Ricci talked about the challenges starting up her cut flower business in the middle of Covid, offering specific recommendations for acquiring unique seeds and plant plugs from growers unfamiliar to the club, and all of this while creating a stunning seasonal table arrangement.  Rachel's sense of humor and her fearless can-do spirit as she talked of tackling her rocky, red clay soil, dealing with plant diseases and gnawing insects gained her respect from every gardener in the room. 


Horticulture & Design Exhibits


Section A.  Perennials

Class 1.  Chrysanthemum

Class 2.  Aster

Class 3.  Camellia

Class 4.  Other

Section B:  Fall Vegetables

Class 5.  Cucurbita spp.(pumpkin and squash)

Class 6.  Beta vulgaris (beet)

Class 7.  Brassica rapa (turnip)

Class 8.  Other

Section C.  Container Grown Plants-Grower’s Choice

Class  9.  Home Grown

Class 10.  Greenhouse Grown

JUDGES:   Ann and Susan


“Oh Gourdy, Oh Gourdy” - Design using a pumpkin or gourd.  Design type and plant material to be listed on a 3x5 card, backdrop encouraged.  Remember Principles of Design.  Use NGC 2017 Handbook for Flower Shows.

JUDGES:   Ann and Susan

*Tip:  Spray houseplants which have been outside for the summer with a horticultural oil to eliminate pests before bringing them back inside the house.

Soil test garden and lawn soil separately.

Amend as necessary.