October 17, 2024  


Section A.  Perennials

Class 1.  Chrysanthemum

Class 2.  Aster

Class 3.  Sedum

Class 4.  Other

Section B:  Fall Vegetables

Class 5.  Cucurbita spp.(pumpkin and squash)

Class 6.  Beta vulgaris (beet)

Class 7.  Brassica rapa (turnip)

Class 8.  Other

Section C.  Container Grown Plants-Grower’s Choice

Class  9.  Home Grown

Class 10.  Greenhouse Grown

Section D.  Shrubs & Trees

Class 11.  Aucuba

Class 12.  Burning Bush

Class 13.  Nandina

Class 14.  Other

Section E.  Annuals

Class 15.  Zinnia

Class 16.  Sunflowers

Class 17.  Lantana

Class 18.  Other


"Illuminary" Design type and plant material to be listed on a 3x5 card, backdrop encouraged.  Remember Principles of Design.  Use NGC Handbook for Flower Shows, page 74.

*Tip:  Spray houseplants which have been outside for the summer with a horticultural oil to eliminate pests before bringing them back inside the house.

Soil test garden and lawn soil separately.

Amend as necessary.