October 19, 2023 - Horticulture & Design Exhibits



Section A.  Perennials

Class 1.  Chrysanthemum

Class 2.  Aster

Class 3.  Camellia

Class 4.  Other

Section B:  Fall Vegetables

Class 5.  Cucurbita spp.(pumpkin and squash)

Class 6.  Beta vulgaris (beet)

Class 7.  Brassica rapa (turnip)

Class 8.  Other

Section C.  Container Grown Plants-Grower’s Choice

Class  9.  Home Grown

Class 10.  Greenhouse Grown

JUDGES:   Ann and Susan



“Oh Gourdy, Oh Gourdy” - Design using a pumpkin or gourd.  Design type and plant material to be listed on a 3x5 card, backdrop encouraged.  Remember Principles of Design.  Use NGC 2017 Handbook for Flower Shows.

JUDGES:   Ann and Susan

*Tip:  Spray houseplants which have been outside for the summer with a horticultural oil to eliminate pests before bringing them back inside the house.

Soil test garden and lawn soil separately.

Amend as necessary.