February 16, 2023 - Horticulture & Design Exhibits

Division I - Horticulture

Section A.  Arboreal Branch 

   (not to exceed 30")

Class 1.  Pinus (Pine)

Class 2. Tsuga (Hemlock)

Class 3.  Picea (Spruce)

Class 4.  Other

Section B.  Forced Branch

Class 5.  Forsythia

Class 6. Jasmine

Class 7.  Spirea thunbergii

Class 8.  Other

Section C.  Container Grown 

  Plants, Grower's Choice

Class 9.  Home Grown

Class 10.  Greenhouse Grown

Judges:  Catherine and Caroline

*Tip: Spray ASAP with horticulture oil to kill insects and eggs that have wintered over on shrubs, flowers and fruiting plants.

Add grass seed where needed. It will sprout once the weather is warm.


Division II - Design

"Keeping In Line" - A parallel design.

Designer’s choice of plant material.

Backdrop encouraged. Design type and plant

material to be listed on a 3x5 card.

Remember Principles of Design. Use NGC

2017 Handbook for Flower Shows, page 75.

Judges:  Catherine and Caroline