Culpeper Town Police Landscape Project

Serendipity:  a pleasant surprise or unexpected discovery

It was serendipity for Police Chief Chris Settle when he approached the Culpeper Garden Club booth at the October 2023 Art of Aging Expo.  He inquired if club members would be interested in planting two flower pots on either side of the station's entrance doors.  The exterior of the station needed some sprucing up and two flower pots seemed just what was needed.   

The project was enthusiastically embraced by the club's Community Garden Chair and the project was off and running in late January.  After meeting with Town Police staff and Town Public Services crew, the scope of the project grew from two flower pots to a comprehensive, exterior landscape plan for the front and street side of the building.   

Cracked sidewalks were dug up, diseased shrubs were removed, underground drainage pipes were installed, planting beds were marked, soil was amended, grass seed and mulch was spread.  Phase One was completed during the last week of February!

Phase Two is now underway with a detailed planting list provided by the Community Garden Chair to the department. The search is on for nursery stock.  Once acquired, club members will work with the Town Public Services crew to locate and plant the specimens.  

And, the two flower pots?  Still working on finding just the right containers.

Sarita, Culpeper Garden Club Community Garden Chair & Patricia, Town Police Clerk with three members of the awesome Town Public Services Crew